How to Properly Size Your Finger for the Perfect Ring

Hey, ring enthusiasts and future ring owners! Whether you're dreaming of that perfect engagement ring or simply want a piece that you can wear every day, one thing's for sure: Size Matters. And no, we're not talking about the size of the diamond or gemstone. We're talking about how the ring fits on your finger.

Why Size is Important

The perfect ring isn't just about the look; it has to fit like a glove—well, a very small, metallic glove. A poorly fitted ring can cause discomfort, and let's not forget the tragedy of a ring that slips off. A fit that's too tight? We're looking at you, swollen knuckles! That's why proper sizing is crucial.

Best Time to Measure

Timing can affect the size of your finger. It’s best to measure your finger at room temperature and not right after exercising, eating salty foods, or stepping out from a hot bath. All these conditions can cause your finger to swell.

Measuring Techniques

  • The String Method: This involves wrapping a string around your finger and measuring it against a ruler. However, it's not the most accurate.
  • Ring Sizer: Many jewelers, including us at Shiny Magic Rocks, offer plastic ring sizers that you can use at home.
  • Professional Sizing: The most accurate option. We recommend this for significant investment pieces.

International Sizing

Be cautious of international sizes; a U.S. size 6 isn't the same as a U.K. size 6. Make sure you're looking at the correct chart.

Temperature and Other Factors

Finger sizes can change due to various factors such as temperature, time of day, and even altitude. Make sure you consider these variables before finalizing your size.


Getting your ring size right is the first step towards a lifetime of comfort and joy with your jewelry. Don't underestimate it! Stay tuned for our next article, where we'll discuss how different ring styles can affect your sizing.

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