Traveling in Style: How to Care for Your Fine Jewelry on the Go

Hey, jet-setters and road trippers! Shiny Magic Rocks here, serving you another treasure trove of tips, this time focused on caring for your fine jewelry while you're globetrotting or even just on a weekend getaway. If you're traveling, it's likely you've got some of your favorite pieces with you, and we want to make sure they arrive back home as stunning as they were when they left.

The Right Kind of Travel Case

You can't just throw your pieces in a zip-lock bag and call it a day. I mean, you could, but let’s not. Opt for a fabric-lined jewelry roll or a case with compartments. This prevents your pieces from scratching against each other and helps keep everything organized.

Keep It Close

Store your jewelry in your carry-on bag when flying. Not only does this protect against theft, but it also lessens the chances of your jewelry being exposed to harmful x-rays in checked luggage.

The Daily Itinerary Matters

Planning to swim in the ocean or relax in a hot tub? Keep your fine jewelry, especially those made with natural gemstones and delicate metals like Argentium sterling silver and 14K Gold-fill wire, safe and dry in your accommodation. Saltwater, chlorine, and hot temperatures can cause irreparable damage.

Ziploc Isn't a Complete No-No

While not ideal for storage, zip-lock bags can serve a purpose. If you're without your regular jewelry case, place each piece in its own small zip-lock bag. Squeeze out as much air as possible before sealing to minimize tarnishing.

Unveiling at the Right Moment

Put on your jewelry after you've arrived at your destination and have finished applying any lotions, perfumes, or sprays. The less exposure to foreign substances, the better.

The Homeward Bound Check

Before packing up and heading home, give your jewelry a quick inspection for any possible damage. If you do notice something off, make a mental note to consult with professionals like Adam and Lisa Bauer once you're back.

The Final Spark

Traveling with fine jewelry requires a bit more attention and care than you might have thought. But the beauty of it all is that with just a little bit of effort, you can keep your pieces as dazzling as ever, wherever you are in the world.

Next up, we're talking about seasonal care for your jewelry. Yes, even the time of year can affect how you should look after your pieces. Stay tuned!

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