The Metals Matter: All You Need to Know About Jewelry Metal Care

Hey there, sparkling stars! We're back, ready to demystify another dimension of fine jewelry care. We've tackled the basics and drilled down into gemstones; now let's get to the backbone of any good piece of jewelry: the metal. We're talking Argentium sterling silver, 14K Gold-fill wire, and everything in between. Ready? Let's rock and roll!

Why Is Metal Care So Important?

Imagine dressing up a gemstone without a beautiful frame; it's like serving champagne without bubbles! Metals provide that frame, giving structure and elegance to your fine jewelry. Crafted by experts like Adam and Lisa Bauer, who have over 10 years of experience in the biz, metal components need love too. Failing to care for them properly can lead to tarnishing, scratching, or even deformation.

A Glimpse into Popular Jewelry Metals

Argentium Sterling Silver

This high-quality silver is purer, brighter, and more tarnish-resistant than traditional sterling silver. But, don't take its resilience for granted. A gentle rub with a microfiber or lint-free cloth works wonders to keep it shiny.

14K Gold-fill Wire

Now, this isn't pure gold, but it’s the next best thing! A metal core is coated with a thick layer of real gold. To clean, use warm water and a mild detergent. Pat dry and marvel at its glow!

General Dos and Don’ts


  1. Wipe it Down: A quick wipe after wearing prevents buildup of oils and dirt.

  2. Polish Carefully: Use a polishing cloth made specifically for the metal you are working with.

  3. Check for Looseness: Ensure that clasps, prongs, and other securing elements are intact.


  1. Avoid Moisture: Don’t store your jewelry in damp locations. Water is not a metal's best friend.

  2. Skip the Chemicals: Hairspray, perfume, and cleaning products can be corrosive.

  3. No Random Storage: Separate compartments or fabric pouches are your metal’s BFFs. No jumbling!

Ready for the Next Level?

We're just scratching the surface, my friends. In our upcoming posts, we'll talk about the safe cleaning agents, daily care tips, and so much more. Adam and Lisa Bauer have crafted each piece to last, but how long it actually lasts is up to you.

Parting Bling

Remember, metals might be tough, but they're not invincible. Treat them with the love and care they deserve, and they'll return the favor by making you shine even brighter.

Catch you on the next post where we get down and dirty with cleaning agents. Until then, stay golden (or silver, or get the idea)!

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